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From the Editor
Finally, the driving season is in full swing, and the summer heat upon us. We at Metro continue to look for more members to come out and participate in our events. This July, we have quite a few activities planned, including more autocross and DE’s. Ev- ery weekend is action-packed with stuff to do. We also have the New Member event and the Zone 1 weekend coming up. Flyers are included in this issue, so please register.
Brotherhood (Sisterhood) of Porsche
In high school (a few million years ago), my friends and I would
drive our muscle cars to Jack-in-the-Box on Jericho Turnpike in Commack, Long Island. We would spend $3 on tacos, sit there for hours and show off our cars. I had a ‘70 Ford Torino GT (351 Cleveland 4bbl), one of my friends drove a ‘70 ‘Cuda 383 and another drove a ‘69 Plymouth GTX with the 440 six pack. The cool cars had chrome, as in valve covers, air cleaners, Cragar Wheels, etc. The noise coming from that parking lot was over the top. We admired each other cars and took notes. It was a quick trip back to Smithtown.
Forty years later, I routinely go out for coffee early in the morning to relax and read
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Cover: Collector cars in the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta
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