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Welcome to all the new members in this issue. If you weren’t told everything about the club be- fore you joined, the following is a short summary of what Metro PCA is all about.
This is a club for and about Porsche owners. It was started a long time ago in the 1950’s, and while that sounds like an eternity, the basics of the club have remained the same. The purpose of our club is to increase the appreciation and enjoyment of our cars, while also getting to know fellow Porsche owners.
Our Region of National PCA sponsors various events, such as autocross, rally, treks, concours d’elegance (competition to see how clean your car is!) driver education (on a race rack) days and meetings at local shops/dealerships on various topics. All of these are designed to help us enjoy the fine vehicles that we own. All new members receive a welcome gift of a coupon for one free Metro event or 50% off a driver education event.
In keeping with the times, we have a website, for local, current informa- tion and National PCA’s website is, is where interested P-car owners can join very easily on-line. You will also see an invitation to join Metro’s Facebook page on the website. The page has become very useful in getting out the word about additions or changes to any events. Please join the Metro FB Group.
We currently have 3,125 members and their affiliates who are also welcome to take advantage of the clubs activities in our region which encompasses the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island and Westchester. There must be someone you know that already belongs to the club and we encourage you to contact them - we’re confident that anyone who is a Member currently would love to have more members that are in their neighborhood!
For your convenience, the PCA application is on the following page. This is published here as an easy way for members to refer others. It can be mailed in to National PCA, but why wait for snail mail. Check out our “Welcome New Members” page, you may just see someone you know! All the members of the Executive Committee contact page of this issue are all ready, willing and able to answer any questions you may have. We hope you will enjoy your membership as much as we have for the last 25 years!

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