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(TREKKING, Teichman’s continued)
Sue and I are really excited about a new program that we have been testing out for use on this upcoming trek. It is an app called Ride with GPS and although it was initially designed for cyclists, it is being used by many car clubs. We have used it for the past two runs to the White Horse and it is a really neat navigation tool. It speaks the directions to you so you can theoretically do the entire run without looking at the “trip tix” that we prepare and give out to every participant for each trek. We will use both systems for the August 12th trek so everyone who wants to will have the opportunity to test it out and provide us with feedback. All of the details and authorization to access the route will be provide to each paid reg- istrant and will be active for about a week before the trek until the trek concludes. This way you can familiarize yourselves with the usage of the program prior to the event. Of course, if you feel uncomfort- able with the technology our standard trip tix will still be given out and you can use that instead. So far, we are finding the app to be quite good with one small draw- back. As technologically challenged as I am, I am so far unable to figure out how to
pair it with the PCM system so the direc- tions come through the sound system like I am able to do with Waze. I intend to get some guidance from the company on that though and hopefully get a resolution. I imagine if I drove with the top up, howev- er, the volume from my I-phone would be loud enough that it would not be a prob- lem. We will share more on this as we go along.
Anyway, interest in this trek has been very keen so far and we already have over 40 people signed up.
Remember, the capacity of our treks is lim- ited by the capacity of our destination res- taurant. So I would say to sign up quickly while there are still some spots left. Once we reach capacity we are forced to rel- egate all subsequent registrations to the waiting list. Please see the flyer in this issue of the Post or the link on the web- site and submit it as quickly as possible if you are interested. In the meantime with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, remember to get out there and “keep on trekkin”.

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