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 Trekking With Stew &
and nobody to hinder our appreciation of the opportunity to drive our cars as they were meant to be driven. After some more of the route we regrouped at a rest stop which had rest rooms and coffee available. We also used this opportunity to stretch our legs a bit before taking on the second half of the trip.
This trek had quite a few new members and first time trekkers in attendance. It was great to see everyone making new friends and making everyone feel wel- come. The Blu Pointe provided us with a beautiful venue right on the Hudson River. The room was set up very com- fortably with great views from every angle. The set menu allowed for several choic- es so there was something for everyone to choose from. From the comments I heard it seems that everyone enjoyed their meals and certainly the company. We certainly hope everyone had a good time and would like to tell you a little more about our next trek.
The second trek will take place on Sun- day August 12th. Our destination will be the White Horse in Marbledale (New Preston), Connecticut. It is an authentic English style pub/restaurant situated in the very beautiful central western part of the state. Sue and I have taken several trips up there in the past few weeks and can say that we really love the place. The food is excellent and displayed around the entire pub are some incredibly inter- esting artifacts and collectors’ items; not the least of which is the 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle displayed behind the bar. This destination has allowed us to find some beautiful roads for this trek and we have been perfecting the route over the last couple of weeks. I think it is going to be right up there with our favorites.
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by Stew and Sue Teichman
Well the first event of the year, which took place on June 9th, is now in the books. We had 63 participants in 33 cars on our trek to Blu Pointe Restaurant in New- burgh, New York. The weather was dry and warm enough for those with Cabrio- lets or Targas to drive with their tops off. With this large a group we split the partici- pants into two and Ken and Cindy John- son stepped up and volunteered to take the lead on the second group. Thanks guys! We also thank Mike and Patricia Olden for volunteering to be the required sweep car.
We left about 8:40am from New Rochelle and made our way to the other side of the Hudson River on the newly opened Tap- pan Zee Bridge (now officially named the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge). Traf- fic was very light at that hour so we were able to progress quickly. Departing the highway just over the bridge enabled us to get onto some really nice back roads in no time. From there it was all scenic, lightly travelled state and local roads. We made it through Harriman State Park with absolutely no cars to contend with for the entire length of the park. This allowed us to really enjoy the beautiful scenery and roads which were filled with “s-curves”

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