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(Track Ramblings, Continued from page 16)
I have participated in more than 100 instructor meetings over the years. Without doubt the number one concern which comes over and over is poor hand signaling, or no signaling. Crashes have resulted. Please do it right.
Bring spares
Some DE participants arrive towing their cars in large box trailers with their full-caged racecar tied-down inside. Others just drive to the track in their daily driver. It’s all good. But track driving uses up consumables for everyone. Bring some spares along. I always have an extra set of front and rear brake pads with me, as well oil and
brake fluid. You never know when you may need them. Bring a toolbox with assorted wrenches, sockets, etc if you have room. You don’t want to spoil your day because you wore out your brake pads, and because DE events are often several hundred miles from home you don’t want to be stranded if you could have fixed a minor issue.
Plus, you may be able to help another driver because you had the spare parts to solve his problem.
Decisions matter!
One of the thrilling aspects of track driving is the immediacy of the activity. The flip side of that is the need to make decisions -- correct decisions in a fraction of a second. Making a poor decision may cause a crash. And remember, there are no prizes at a DE event. The greatest reward is to drive back in your car and have it looking the way it did when you left home.
Decisions matter, so make good, safe ones, please. I’ll see you at the track You can always contact me at [email protected]
 Autocross, continued from page 8
Moving forward, our next event will be July 22 at the Nassau coliseum and then Au- gust 19 at the same place. For Metro Members the Zone 1 autocross will be Septem- ber 15 and 16 in Ayers Massachusetts at Devens Airforce Base. It is an awesome place to autocross featuring long fast courses. It’s an autocrosser’s dream. There will also be a BBQ on Saturday night for everybody. This is a great time to social- ize with your competition and find out their secrets. It is also a Metro points event so don’t miss it. Come out locally or travel with us to the Zone 1 autocross but come out. You can’t have as much fun by just reading this on your couch. Get out and drive. Hope to see you all out there.

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