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Skid remarks
of the day. Two-driver S1 found Mitch Hack- et at the helm with a time of 34.767 seconds. Manny Gonzalez took the win in S2 with a time of 38.526 seconds. Three-driver S3 was domi- nated by yours truly with a time of 33.738 sec- onds. Roger Hyman came in second with a 35.062 second run around the course. Todd Roth took the win in S4 as well as the Fast- est Pax of the Day with a 32.622 second run. Daniel Kim took the win in two-driver S5 with at time of 36.172 seconds.
Andre Cirqueira took the win in P1 with a time of 35.985 seconds. Three-driver P2, also known as the Mingst Class, found Graham Mingst in first place with a time of 34.831 seconds. Sec- ond place went to John Mingst with a time of 36.795 seconds. Three-driver P3, was domi- nated by Russell Bertels who drove the course in 35.4172 seconds to beat out John Ragals’ second place time of 34.999 seconds. Return- ing autocrosser Yanni Kouzilos took the win in the two-driver class of P5 with a time of 35.322 seconds.
P6 was taken by Bill Riehl with a time of 34.74 seconds. Ben Ohebshalom took first place in P7 with a time of 34.414 seconds to beat out Augie Lacorazza who drove the course in 34.219 sec- onds. Spencer Martin took the win in P8 with a time of 32.653 seconds in his new GT3. Tom Pa- trizio took the win in I2 with a time of 36.424 sec- onds.
Four-driver X1 found Dan Mendez in front with a time of 34.393 seconds. Second place went to Don Hochheiser with time of 36.540 seconds and third place went to Christian Herrero with a time of 43.278 seconds. X2, with fifteen drivers found Danny Gomes in first place with at time of 32.317 seconds. Vasken Choubaralian took the second- place spot with a time of 32.656 seconds and the Dillan Hoffman took third in 33.926 seconds. Twelve-driver X3 was dominated by Max Klein in 33.294 seconds to beat out Jose Arroyo’s second place time of 33.315 seconds. Third place went to Jo Lalima with a 33.418 second trip around the lot.
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The Father’s Day Auto- cross was surprisingly well attended. Fifty-eight drivers came out to enjoy a day at Autocross. Some dads showed up with their sons or daughters and they autocrossed for free. What a way to spend the day with their dad, letting him do what he loves to do. Overall, it was a great day. The
 weather was beautiful, the event ran smoothly and we were done early enough so everybody could go home and enjoy time with their fam- ily. The only people who did not have a good morning were the guys yelling at us from the balcony of their hotel room as we woke them up. They should thank us because it was al- most time to check out.
Anyway, due to problems beyond our control we had to set the course up the morning of the event. It has been very interesting having events at the coliseum as we have had to deal with a lot of Murphy’s Law type incidences. However, we have gotten lucky and managed to deal with everything in a positive way. So, the morning of the event Russell Bertels, one of the many happy Westchester members who come down to autocross, and Graham Mingst set out to design the obstacle course around the garbage left on the lot from the previous night’s car show. Bill Riehl, another early rising Westchester member also helped out by skill- fully sweeping the garbage off the course with the empty pizza boxes that were considerately left on the lot for what I can only assume was for just that purpose. The course was designed and redesigned as the garbage was shuffled around. I am sure there were others who helped when they got there but unfortunately, I don’t remember who they were. So, I would like to thank everybody who pitched in. There is never a lack of people willing to lend a hand and I think them for their support.
Fifty-eight drivers competed for the fastest time of the day or their fastest personal time

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