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Friends are the reason I joined this club. Not because I had any friends in the club, although later I learned I did, but to make friends. To meet like-mind- ed people who enjoyed the same thing as me...Porsches. I learned to drive a stick on my high school
friend’s Volkswagen Beetle and drove it for a while until he got the bug to get a Porsche. He bought a used 924 and bragged it had some of the same parts as his now gone VW Beetle. He would drive me around and show how his car handled and stuck on exit and en- trance ramps...I was hooked. When I finally got my chance to get be- hind the wheel I felt nothing...he wouldn’t let me drive it!!! Anyway, I got the chance to drive my first Porsche when I bought my first 944 to ease the mileage on my leased truck. Unbeknownst to me, that truck would soon be trailering my Porsche to the track.
I was brought into the club and was coaxed to attend an autocross event by a member who I had met on Rennlist. I am embarrassed to say I was asking a lot of stupid questions about my car so I was quite hesi- tant to attend any event which re- quired me to be there in person, for fear of being humiliated (my driving took care of that for me though). I showed up and had the time my
life. I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. I started replacing parts on my car, freshening up parts on my car and adding parts to my car. Suspension, tires you name it, if it was going to help me drive better I did it. I then was coaxed into do- ing a DE. Went to Pocono Raceway for my first event and sat in the pits waiting to be let out onto the track, shaking in my seat. Looking out into the track all I could focus on was turn 1, AKA the bowl. With it’s 14 de- gree banking it seemed as though there is no way the car would stay up there. It did and I was hooked.
So where do friends come into play here? Despite the incredible feeling of competing in an autocross or fly- ing around the track, when your au- tocross run is over or you come in off the track, everybody has the same devilish grin on their faces. Every has the same feelings of euphoria from what just happened. The same goes for concours, trek and rally. We are all members of a very specific club where our common goal is to love our cars, love what we can do with them, love what they do for us and how it brings us all together. If you’re a member and your connection to the club is through reading the Porsche Post I urge to you come out and try an event, or at the very least come watch an event. Get out and meet some other members. You won’t be sorry as there’s something for everybody. Remember, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.”
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