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The Event Chairs you see listed on Page Two are always looking for more volunteers. It can be quite the challenge to have enough experienced members who have at- tended events to volunteer their services to insure that an event is successful.
The first time we volunteered to work a Rally, it was not something we were familiar with at all. Then Rally Master Ted Ohland needed to train more checkpoint workers and teamed us up with Tom and Millie Delahunty, who were very experienced at helping with rallies. We hopped in the back seat of their car and watched as the rally cars passed the checkpoint with varying degress of confidence and speed as Tom & Millie noted the car numbers and their time as they passed the checkpoint. When the rally was finished, we had become fully certified timers/scorers and have been training oth- ers ever since.
Here are a few areas where help is needed the most:
Metro Mart Assistants are needed to help bring the merchandise for sale to events. Ideally, an SUV would work best, but some 911 owners have been seen hauling large amount of gear to destinations The secret with P-cars is to use soft suitcases only!
Autocross is actually a TWO day event. The day before the course has to be set up, cones put in place and the pavement checked for debris. Come help set up the course and get a sneak preview and get an upclose look at those cones...they really aren't that large!
If a day at the track with your favorite ride is your preferred event, the DE team can always use an extra hand. DE events start bright and early and it can be an exhilarat- ing, yet long day.
Concours also need enthusiastic helpers with registration, directing cars as they arrive and making sure everyone's in the right spot at the right time. The show cars usually arrive all at once and it's a great way to see them before the spectators arrive.
If you are located in Westchester and feeling social, Ed Reiner is looking to have more social events and would welcome more help from members.
Seeing how members readily give up their free time to help run events is inspiring and
good to see. It's the only way the club can move forward. Please consider helping out and contact the Event Chair of your choice.

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