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 Fortunately, I recognize the name, last year I attended a Metro Cars and Coffee event at this shop, I learned a lot, such as; be proactive about engine wear; have your engine oil analyzed; it’s a peace of mind which is comforting, something that I could use right about now. So I click and call, on the first ring I get an answer, and I ask “Hey Cheech”, after slight pause, sure enough it is he, I explain my dilemma, he’s polite say- ing “give me 20 minutes and I’ll meet you at the shop”. I thank him and get rolling treking slowly on down all of the .03 miles to his shop, I park out front, the shop is closed, gates locked. I wait patiently, thinking how I always wanted to use his service, but not exactly like this.
Sure enough, a man of his word, he bounds up behind the gate at 8:20 am, unlocks, rolls it back, and asks for the keys. Wow, now I would pay just about anything to be back on the road, taking advantage of that first nice day after a real long northeast winter.
Cheech, asks for the wheel lock key, and breaks loose the lugs, but can’t get the hy- draulic lift arms to slide under the right rear, no worry, he slides a floor jack under the engine to coax it up to accommodate the hydraulic lift, up it goes. With an air tool he gently removes the lugs, points out a few tips, and get the wheel off to see what I had only felt.
He state the obvious "tire is shot” and "boy you are lucky," that’s an understatement at this point in my road-trip journey. Now as
lucky as I could be; Cheech looks around his shop and provides an 18 inch rear wheel with tire “loaner”, much better then the do- nut, and states you will be good to go, and back on your way.
We agree that I’ll order a set of rear tires, have them drop shipped to his shop, Ren- nwerk Porsche, as he agrees to mount while I wait, and suggests that alignment might take longer. He doesn’t let me go before he inspects the front tires, “those are still good”.
I’m off and on my way, even with a change of plans, missing the event in Bedford, I had a great event of my own, a great day, with a story to tell, and a great start to new re- lationship. Sure you've heard the slogan "it's the people not the cars" but I can attest that's it's both, great people and great cars. The cost; I'll let you know, but for now, mon- ey was not exchanged only car talk and a true passion for Porsche.
Lessons learned:
* check tire pressure and tire depth
* all fluids topped up
* have spare change
* have your lug stud/nut key handy
* check the spare tire and jack and wrench * make sure you can loosen your lug studs/
* double check your insurance - for tires
and wheels
* AAA account details - dealer service - road side assistance

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