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 Concours Update John Orrico - Concours chair
Time to dust off those cars folks, the Con- cours season is back in action. The weather as it stands will be 75 and sunny this week- end thus you could probably guess that I will be taking my car out of storage. As recommended in the past, always make a list of the steps you walked through when prepping your car for winter storage. Now is the time to reference that list and make sure that you successfully walk back through those steps and reverse everything back to its original state.
With respect to this year’s series of events, we have two major shows on the calendar. The first is set to take place on July 29th and the second will be held on September 23rd. While we were looking to host an event in the Westchester area, the plans to do so have not panned out well. If anyone local that that area has any suggestions on a ven- ue that makes sense, please contact me di- rectly at [email protected] Hosting an event in this area is a key initia- tive of the group and any/all suggestions are encouraged and welcomed! If this is not something that we can accommodate in 2018, I will look to add a more casual street class only Concours & BBQ in a location that lends well to folks from all areas.
I am not sure how many of you attended our Vanderbilt Concours last year but for me, it was one of my personal favorites. We had a tremendous showing and the grounds lend well to fun and action for the entire family. While I was very happy with the turnout, I was unsure as to how we can move this for- ward and make this year bigger and better than the last. After much deliberation, I de- cided to ask for assistance. We contacted our great friends at Zone 1 and asked if they would like to join us this year. They graciously agreed and as a result, we are now looking at the official Metro NY PCA & Zone 1 Rally
& Concours Celebration Weekend! While I will let my counterpart on the Rally side of the house spell out the happenings to his portion of the event, the long story shortly is we will be having a weekend long celebra- tion which will consist of a Rally one day, a nighttime social and then a great Concours the next day. Given the fact that Zone will be involved, expect the amount and qual- ity of the cars present to be heightened. We will have folks from other regions joining us and we have put together an agenda that I think you will love.
The event that will take place on Septem- ber 23rd is the famed Great Marques event held at beautiful Old Westbury Gardens. For those of you that are familiar with it, I do not have to tell you that this is always a great time. This year’s marques will in- clude Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. If you have not attended in the past, this is again, a great time for not only P car fans but also car fans in general. Please be sure to join us! I know I say this often, but it really is all of you that makes it possible for us to put on these events. Regardless of if you have judged 100 times for us in the past and/or think it is something that you would like to get more involved in, please join us on July 14th at Autosport Designs (http://www.autosport- - THANK YOU AUTOSPORT!) in Huntington Station.
We will look to host a Cars & Coffee from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and then a Concours Judges Workshop from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This workshop will be in preparation for our Vanderbilt show and will be an informal lunch and learn. If you have interest in add- ing the workshop portion of it, please email me at the below address and I will make sure you are added to the list. I will also create a separate flyer that we will include in the post and display on our Facebook page. If you are interested to learn more about judging, this is a good way to get involved.
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