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Collector Car Garage Ed Reiner - North Region Director
Westchester welcomed spring with a warm reception at the Collector Car Ga- rage in Bedford Hills, NY on April 14th. The turnout for the north country season opener was phemononal, with over 150 people in attendance. Notwithstand- ing the crowded parking lot and not enough coffee, the season kicked off with a bang. CCG hosts one of the most exotic car collections in the northeast with over 400 cars in this state of the art facility.
We extend a thank you to James Machinist for hosting such a cool event on a day that allowed us to open our windows and put the top down. The weather encouraged many of us to hang out outside, and enjoy the smell of the mem- bers cars. (“I love the smell of exhaust fumes in the morning, it smells like........ Porsche”). We had members attend from as far away as Montauk (yes, seri- ously) and quite a large contingent from Long Island. We were graced with the presence of Mike Bryan, Zone 1 representative who came from Aurora, Ontario (FYI, that is in Canada) to join us because he could just not stay away from the season opener. He was accompanied by Aaron Amborsino, PCNA national treasurer who drove the Taconic Parkway from the Albany area because he knew we had the best bagels.
Everyone was on good behavior although there was a lot of noise leaving
the facility. Most did not know the local police station is just 200 yards south of CCG. but we ended unscathed. Mostly, we owe the staff at CCG a thank you for the high quality service and first rate muffins. And did I mention the bagels? Please keep an eye on the calendar......a Westchester coffee run is upcom-
ing and we intend to have more fun driving around the routes in Westchester where we may scare some small animals.

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