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Well the season is well underway and we are in full swing. All the volunteers have assumed their roles and the season is off to a smooth start. Due to sched- uling conflicts we couldn’t have the Autocross Seminar
and Mini School before the first au- tocross but we were able to get it in before the second event. Twenty-five potential autocrossers came down to enjoy a nice bagel breakfast and par- ticipate in the classroom session con- ducted by John and Graham Mingst. The presentation touched upon safe- ty, car control, car set up, walking and reading the course and what a typi- cal autocross day is like. Everybody then got into their cars and went to Tobay Beach where they were greet- ed by veteran instructors. After a brief course walk the students got into their cars and were able to drive the course with an instructor sitting next to them. It’s so nice to see a new autocrosser become more confident and more aggressive at the wheel. The students got about six runs with instructors in their cars, then the cord was cut and they were allowed to drive the course solo. This was all in preparation for the scheduled autocross event the next day. Many of the seminar/school par- ticipants showed up at the event and were able to confidently compete in the event. This brings me to the St. Paddy’s Day autocross.
that they drove for the school was used for the autocross the next day. While the seminar was in progress, Rich Wayne was designing the course with Bill Riehl, Spencer Martin, Jack Minot, Mitch Hackett, Jeff Goldberg, Henry Hoeh, Russell Kremens, Don Hoch- heiser and Mark Velera. A big thank you to all these guys for helping make the event the success it was. Forty- one drivers showed up to compete and I am sorry to say battle the cold. Fortunately, the cold was no match for my Under Armour Base 4 thermals as I was in a truck doing timing and scoring for most of the day. Despite the cold, the driving was hot. Here are the results. Mitch Hackett took the win in S1 with a time of 50.865 seconds.
Many Gonzales found himself in first place in class S2, with a time of 57.956 seconds. I found myself in first place with a time of 50.783 seconds in the three-car class of S3 and Steve Barlow came in second place with a time of 54.971 seconds. Spencer Martin took the win in S5 with a time of 48.449 sec- onds. This time was also the Fastest Time of the Day. Graham Mingst dom- inated the three-car class of P2 with a time of 49.511 seconds. This was also fast enough to earn him the Fastest Pax of the Day.
John Mingst came in a close second with a time of 49.920 seconds. Russell Bertels took the win in 49.956 seconds in the two-car class of P3 and new- comer Barbara Kasa took the win in P6 with a time of 64.921 seconds. I2 was taken by Jack Minot with a time of 54.032 seconds and Two driver I3 was dominated by Rich Wayne who drove the course in 49.567 seconds. It seems
Skid remarks
St. Paddy’s Day Autocross
Much to the delight of the students from the Mini Autocross school, the course

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